Bob Bly, the man McGraw-Hill calls "America's top copywriter" and author of 90+ books, and Fred Gleeck, the "King of Content," reveal ....

Looking to Create Info Products, but Having a Tough Time?
In Less than 10 Minutes, YOU Could Be Selling a Great Info Product and Keeping EVERY PENNY of That Sale!

To make money in the information marketing business, you need to have products to sell. The problem? Good ones are tough to create. GREAT ones? ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE.

But now you can sell these “done for you” info products by Bob Bly and Fred Gleeck as if they were your own … without paying us an affiliate commission!

Dear (Aspiring) Information Marketer:

No product? No problem!

Now YOU can have GREAT, TESTED info products to sell . . . ALMOST instantly.

In less than the time it will take you to read this sales letter, you can have one or two or more great products where you can sell as many units as you like and keep all of the money.

It’s the simplest way to start selling info products — in a fraction of the time it would take you to create them yourselves. OR, it’s a great way to ADD products to what you’re already selling!

Licensing a Product is a Great Idea

Rather than putting in all the time to CREATE a great product, why not just LICENSE one or more of ours?

I know it might sound immodest, but we are two of the best known and most respected online marketers in the world. Google the terms “direct response copywriter” and “information marketing” and see for yourself.

We both own a number of product licenses ourselves. It would be unethical for us to attempt to sell you a license if we didn’t believe in the concept for ourselves. Fred owns licenses for both software and a few products.

Three Advantages of Licensing a GREAT Product

First, you get a product that you can sell immediately. If you go out and create your own product, it takes time and effort. Buying a license is painless. You pay the money and PRESTO, you own it.

Second, in the case of our products, you add a high quality product to your arsenal of things that you sell.

Now, maybe you already have your own products. Great. We have a TON of products ourselves. BUT, we will often license a problem that we either don’t want to or CAN’T produce on our own.

You can’t know everything. Neither can we. If we particularly like a product, we’ll often times license it if it’s a topic that our market would be interested in, but we don’t have the expertise or inclination to create.

Lastly, you are also licensing the use of our sales letter copy to sell these products. You can take the sales letter, put up your own website, and use our copy. It would normally cost you $4,500 to $5,500 to hire Bob Bly to write a landing page for you. Here, it’s included in the licensing fee. (You can see what Bob’s clients say about his copy at right.)

Why Would We License Our Products?

People who attend our events often ask us when we talk about licensing why we would do it. They tell us that we could make more money selling the products directly to others. Well, we already do that, and each of us makes a six figure income from info product sales.

So why do we also license our products? Three good reasons. First, we get an immediate influx of cash. Always a good thing!

Second, since you must sell our products without making any changes to them, our bounce-back offers (offers of other products mentioned in the products you are selling as our licensee) are being distributed to a lot of folks we don’t know and might never otherwise reach.

You see, when we talk about a product or service that we have in an audio program you license from us, you are not allowed to make any changes in the material. That means as you sell our learning systems to more and more people, we get a lot of folks exposed to our various other products and services as a result.

Third, our Internet marketing students have been asking for a long time whether they could get licenses to sell our products. As we always strive to give our customers what they want, we are now offering product licenses.

Types and Costs of Product Licenses

There are 2 types of product licenses:

** Master Licenses. A “master” license for one of our products costs $2,997. This is well BELOW the price we recommend people charge. We suggest that people charge between 40 and 60 times retail. Our average audio product costs around $100. So why are we pricing the master license below what we recommend that others do?

Simple, we want to get the products out there to as many people as possible to have them bounce-back to us. We’ll make a lot more money from the bounce-backs than I will from the money we make from selling you the license.

A master license allows you to do everything that you can do as described in the “standard” license below … AND, it also allows you to sell STANDARD licenses to others.

If the products sells for $100 and the master license sells for $3,000 it would only take 3 sales of a standard license at $1000 or a little over 30 direct sales at $100 to make this investment pay off.

If you think you can make back your investment within the first 4-6 months on a master license, then you should do it. Not doing it would be crazy.

By the way, a very well known marketer – not us — has sold so many master licenses for certain products that very few of the licensees can make any money. In our opinion, this is unethical.

We will ONLY sell 5 Master licenses of any of our products. After that, NO MORE will ever be sold for those products.

** Standard Licenses. A “standard” license for the products listed below will cost you just $997. This is at the very low end of the range that we recommend others charge for a license of this nature.

In a “standard” licensing deal you get to order our products at COST from our duplication and fulfillment house and then turn around and sell them at full retail. If you license a $100 product, your cost for that product will be around $10. If you paid $1,000 for the license, it would only take you 11 sales or so to make back your investment.

If you think you can sell more than 11 copies, get the license. It makes sense for you. After you pay off the investment in the license, you are now making about $90 on every product you sell. If you do not see yourself being able to sell that many units, this program is NOT for you.

With either the standard or the master license, after you have made back your investment, it’s “all gravy” after that. You could even, if you wanted, start to use the product as a bonus. We would prefer you NOT do this because it might erode the perceived value of one of our products.

Under the license arrangement, we can’t control the prices that you charge. We can only suggest prices. The federal government would consider it restraint of trade for us to DEMAND you sell at a certain price.

Products We License Reflect Current Best Practices in Internet Marketing

One thing you will discover in information marketing is that products grow old and over time become outdated. That’s why in our new licensing program, we are rerecording all the audios to ensure that you give your customers information that is completely up to date.

It takes us time to rerecord our best-selling information products, so right now, we only have 5 available for master or standard licenses:

  • The Internet Marketing Retirement Plan.
  • How to Become a Recognized Expert in Your Niche.
  • Make Money from Coaching.
  • Newsletter Marketing Magic.
  • The Instant Sales Lead Machine.

Yes, we are working on rerecording more of our most popular audio programs, and will add them to this web page as they become available.

Discounts for Purchasing Multiple Licenses

If you purchase 2 licenses, you get 10% off the total. If you buy 5 or more licenses, you get them for 20% off the total fee. The more you buy, the more you save.

Start or Jump Start Your Info Marketing Business Today!

The biggest barrier to success in Internet marketing is having GREAT products to sell.

You can create your own products at an enormous investment of time and money. And the product you end up with will be untested and unproven.

Or, you can license our best-selling programs that have already gotten rave reviews AND generated revenues in the six figures:

  • The Internet Marketing Retirement Plan.
  • How to Become a Recognized Expert in Your Niche.
  • Make Money from Coaching.
  • Newsletter Marketing Magic.
  • The Instant Sales Lead Machine.

Licensing our products gives YOU an instant product or product line to sell – the missing key to starting your info marketing business or taking an existing online business to the next level.

So what are you waiting for? To get a standard or master license to the 4 products above, click on the link below. If you have questions, call me at 973-263-0562 and I’ll be happy to answer them – no charge, of course.

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Bob Bly

P.S. Special Bonus: Order a standard or master license for any product on this page and you get a 10% discount to attend any of Fred’s upcoming Info Bootcamps.

P.P.S. FREE Bonus #2: Profitable Information Product Licensing … this free 21-page bonus report explains information product licensing in greater detail than we do on this page — including why licensing makes sense, how to acquire a product to sell online instantly through licensing, how to make money licensing your info products to others, and more.

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